More questions

  1. How has this course changed your outlook on learning? What’s changed? Why?
    There’s a lot to learn about from documentation. Especially with CSS & Javascript. It’s almost a bottomless pit of information. I don’t necessarily like reading but I realize now that it’s a must do and I hate to say it, but it’s not bad.
  2. When frustration comes up how do you be with it? What’s your course of action?
    I go grab a beer and play some Rocket League followed by watching TV with my son.
  3. Why should we teach to the whole person rather than to just a skill set? What benefits are there to this method?
    It’s a necessity. We don’t think about what is hindering us from learning or causing to want to get up. When you change habits and your mindset, it’s easy to get rid of those feelings.
  4. How do you feel about your upcoming project? What do you anticipate while working with a classmate?
    I like it. I already started on it as a personal project only to find out it was a class project as well! I hope my teammate can bring some new ideas and help bring out some idea in me.
  5. What benefits will there be to work with someone else?
    Each person studies differently, and I think they can shed some light on how they approach things. Maybe we can adopt habits from each other.
  6. What challenges could come with this partnership?
    Butting heads! Sometimes we think we know the best way to do something and we do things a certain way. Everyone codes differently. A frustration my partner may have with me is I always forget to make comments throughout my code. BAD HABIT! Don’t be like me! Haha.

A student at Austin Coding Academy.